Meeting Rooms

NOTE: During the months of June and July, the meeting rooms will be reserved for library use only. Reservations for the month of August can be made starting June 1st. 

Library Meeting Space Use Policy

Purpose: In order to help achieve its mission to enrich and transform lives by connecting people to quality information and engaging experiences, Huron Public Library has meeting spaces available. Individuals, groups, businesses, or organizations (hereafter “groups”) may use these meeting spaces according to the following policies:


  1. We provide two meeting rooms within the Library: the Lester Jones Room and the South Dakota Room. Groups may indicate a preference for a particular room on their room use application.
  2. Programs sponsored by the Huron Public Library will receive first consideration for the use of meeting space. Reservations are subject to change due to Library programs. Room reservations are not available during the months of June and July due to the Library’s Summer Reading Program.  
  3. Use of meeting spaces shall not disturb, distract, or otherwise interfere with Library functions.
  4. Groups shall complete a “Meeting Space Use Application”. Applications should be completed between three (3) days and three (3) months prior to the event. Applications received less than three (3) days prior to the event may be denied. Applications made more than three (3) months prior to the event will not be accepted.  Reservations are accommodated for meetings that meet once a month.  For more than once a month, permission must be granted by the Library Director.
  5. Cancellations must be done via phone call. Failure to cancel may result in denial of future reservations and/or loss of a $25 reservation fee.
  6. Light refreshments may be served in the Lester Jones Room, but no cooking is allowed.  In the SD Room, no food is allowed and beverages must be in a closable container.
  7. The use of alcohol, tobacco, recreational drugs, or illegal drugs is prohibited in the library.
  8. Groups should allow time for set-up, clean-up, and other related services when scheduling a room. Chairs and tables may be used but must be placed back in their original position. All garbage must be collected and properly disposed of. All items used by the group must be removed from the library at the end of the designated room reservation time slot. Burning candles, incense, sterno, or any type of open flame are prohibited. Items may NOT be taped, stapled, tacked, nailed, or otherwise attached to the walls, windows, or doors of the meeting space.  
  9. Items brought by groups to the Library are brought at the groups’ sole risk. The Library and the City of Huron assume no responsibility for the preservation or protection of groups or groups’ attendees; items; or the loss, theft, or damage of items brought to or left in the Library.
  10. Library staff shall maintain a master schedule for meeting spaces. Reservations shall be granted on a first-come/first-served basis. Library staff may request the first Group to be flexible with their preferred room configuration if a subsequent Group also requests to hold an event at the same time and both events can be reasonably accommodated. Meeting spaces are available only during normal business hours. Meeting spaces must be vacated at least 15 minutes prior to the library closing. Huron Public Library reserves the right to cancel a reservation in case of emergency or weather-related closing.
  11. Meeting spaces are available for governmental, educational, cultural, charitable, civic, and non-profit purposes at no cost. For-profit and other entities shall be charged $25 per reservation. Payment is due at the time an application is submitted.
  12. The following types of events are deemed to be fundamentally incompatible with library operations. Incompatibility may be due to consumer protection concerns, an appearance of improper public endorsement of a particular ideology, candidate, or cause, increased likelihood of disrupting normal library operations, or other similar issues. For example, room rentals are not available for:
    • Birthday parties, wedding receptions, employee banquets, catered meals, etc.;
    • Sermons, services, masses, or other religious events regardless of denomination;
    • Fundraising, campaigning, or solicitation activities;
    • Multi-level marketing/pyramid schemes and/or sales;
    • Health-care demonstrations or treatments.
  13. When considering a room reservation, the Huron Public Library gives equal access to political forums or study groups.
  14. Groups understand the use of a meeting room must be open to the public.  If a governing board, organization, or business requests a reservation for private use, permission must be granted by the Library Director.  
  15. All groups and attendees are responsible for the supervision of their children within Library premises. Meetings and events with children attending must have at least one (1) adult supervisor per ten (10) children under the age of 14.
  16. The library’s audiovisual equipment is available. Groups requesting the use of any library equipment must indicate so on their application. Groups presenting a work of intellectual property in library meeting space shall be responsible for obtaining applicable approvals, rights, or licenses. Refer to Photography/Videography Policy.
  17. Groups that do not follow the rules and policies established by the Library, including Rules of Conduct, for the use of meeting space may have their event canceled (prior to or during), be denied access to the room, and future applications shall be denied.
  18. Groups are responsible for any and all damages caused to meeting spaces or equipment, including any cleaning required. All charges will be based on the cost of repairs. Minimum charges for damages and clean-up will be $25. Groups will be billed. All bills for damages must be paid before the same groups may reserve or use meeting spaces in the future.
  19. Groups agree that they will not hold the Library and the City of Huron liable of any nature arising from the group’s use of the facility.

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