Water & Sewer


The Water and Sewer Department is responsible for the maintenance and repair of water and sewer lines, meter reading, and compliance with all EPA water quality requirements.

Water & Sewer Rates

The City of Huron recently completed a study to determine the fair and equitable rate increases to support the financial needs of the Water and Sewer Departments. A copy of the study can be requested through the Engineering Department. The following are links to rate handouts that summarize the results of the study and the City's anticipated rates through 2025.

Sewer Problems

If you are having sewer problems, the city will check the city sewer main in your area. If the city main is working properly, you will need to contact a plumber. For emergency service during business hours, please call 353-8504; after business hours, please call the Police Department at 605-353-8550 and they will notify the appropriate city personnel.

Water Meter Problems

If you are having problems with your water meter, please contact the Water Billing Office at 605-353-8504 to schedule an appointment for a service technician to check the meter.

Water Quality Problems

If the water from your faucet appears discolored, the city may need to flush the hydrant near your home. This will help circulate the water in the line and will improve your water quality.

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Water Turned On or Off

If you need your water turned on or off, or have questions about your water bill, please contact the Water Billing Office at 605-353-8504.

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